Posted by: L | February 16, 2009

The Pool is my hamster wheel

Yesterday was the year anniversary of my surgery. To the day.

A year on and I realized I had just completed my longest lap swim to date (combination of free and breast stroke). 900-yards. It may not seem like much to serious swimmers, but for me a huge milestone. I was so proud of myself. I’ve always been very athletic (since I can remember actually) and use to being able to pretty much do what I want, when I want. Run, swim, ski, bike, yoga, etc. It’s been good to be challenged and readjust my perspective…

It was during my lap swimming that I had the ahha moment that swimming lap, after lap, after lap is equivalent to the hamster on his wheel. I had to chuckle. My mind tends to sort out problems in the pool or go into a ‘holding’ pattern when I swim. 

I’m off to do some work, then some sketching and swatching of a (future) cable scarf and Sweater #5. A cardigan. I promise a blog soon on my day with Judith spinning Saturday. What a day!


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