Posted by: L | February 24, 2009

Procrastination be thy name

It’s true, I’ve been procrastinating any and all things knitting and spinning the last two week. Funny how life comes along and grabs you – actually pesky friends and family. I mean really, why can’t I hole up and knit and spin to my hearts content and just ignore everyone? Miss dinner, forget to go to yoga…

The upside to this week is I have a partner in crime to all things knitting. I’m headed to Reno Thursday to visit my sister and her family for a couple of days. I’ll spend some time with family on Thursday night and Friday, then my sister and I are waking up bright and early Saturday morning, ditching the grown up teenage niece and nephew for Stitches West. No worries, they are not alone. We’ll be loading the car and our knitting and heading all points west to spend a day and a night surrounded by other fiber enthusiasts (who also ditched family) to dwell in the halls of the Santa Clara Convention Center. We’ll head all points east (back) on Sunday – with a slight detour in SF for brunch with Sue and Sheryl and some shoe shopping at Macy’s – before we head home to Reno. Monday I’ll be in Tahoe with great friends sitting by the lodge fire talking, reading and knitting. No skiing yet for me. Then home Tuesday. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

T has been so supportive (a saint really) these last months. OK years. He gets such a kick out of it all. Actually it means he can cycle for hours on end at the weekend and not feel guilty. It works for us.

I leave you with a photo of my wonderful day spinning with Judith M at Madrona. To say it was a great day is well just not enough. I learned so much in 6-hours. I’m back at the wheel more inspired and enthusiastic. The journey back to spinning has been a bit longer than knitting. I’m getting there.


Cable plying multicolored yarn


Judith’s new book. I don’t even know where to begin. I read it cover to cover on the train ride home.


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