Posted by: L | March 2, 2009

Monday, monday …

Do any of you remember this song by The Mama’s and Papa’s from the 70’s? It was such a great one!

Anyhooo….I’m camped out at my sisters in Reno today due to the rain/snow/sleet situation in Tahoe. Driving without chains in the car from Reno to Tahoe is a no go today. Sadly no extra set for the truck to be had. Translated into no day trip to Tahoe to visit friends as planned.

I arrived safely (if not a bit wind blown) Thursday afternoon and had a great time on Friday running around Reno with my sister. It’s my first time here. Its all sage brush and wind with the Sierra Nevada Mountain range as the backdrop. It’s spectacular.

We headed out to Stitches West early, early Saturday AM. Had a fabulous time.  It was a gorgeous day for a drive. We missed Sarah due to illness. Bummer. A shout out that you are better today and able to enjoy your Holiday!

We hit the floor about Noonish to scope out what was what for purchases. You’d never know that a recession was going on by the vendor floor traffic mob. In speaking with vendors they were upbeat about the show and shoppers. Albeit most shoppers were on cash budgets this year, it was heartfelt to see that knitting (and crafts) continue to be a solace in times of trouble. Here’s hoping that this trend continues as the scope of the recession becomes more (and more) apparent.


The Mob

We encountered a lot of sock yarns, especially superwash with lots of variegated color and laceweight yarns. We found several new indie dyers – one from the west coast, one from the SE and East coast respectively. Knitting Notions of TN, Redfish Dyeworks of CA, and Tess Yarns of ME. These three were our hands down favorite this year. S managed to pick up some lovely (and I do mean lovely) lace weight yarns for several projects at Redfish and a pattern at Windy Valley Musk Ox.


Head shawl for windy Reno days/nights


Lace project 1. An ice grey.


Lace project 2. It’s really a gorgeous lichen green.

Me? Nada. Nothing. Zip. I came with a wad of cash for a very specific project. I petted, even swatched something from Knitting Notions, and generally oohed and aahhed over half the floor. Yet no one yarn really spoke to me (or if they did – they were the wrong weight). I think I’m headed here for that project.  It has a lot of cabling in the design and I really would like it in wool. All wool. I’m open though.

Our return home from Stitches was a bit longer. We had to cancel our brunch in the City. Snow was expected over the Donnar Pass. It was a tough call, but ended up being the right one. About 10-miles from The Pass we encountered this:


Chain crews to help motorists put on chains. Brilliant idea actually. For $30 you don’t have to get out of your car and you’re helping a local worker makes some extra cash. We had all wheel drive, so didn’t need the chains. Phew. Though we would have happily paid the fee.


The wait for the snowplows to clear the road ahead. About an hour wait.


At the top of the pass.

I had a real appreciation for the challenges and the tragedy this pass has. I can’t even imagine this (or worse) in covered wagons.

We arrived home safe and sound about 6. A 4-hour trip took about 6-hours. No complaints.


This was the line of cars at Trukee to get over the pass to San Francisco/Silicon Valley. We clocked the stopped cars at about 2-miles long at about 5:00ish. I don’t even want to guess how long it took them to get home.

BTW have you seen the Sock Summit teacher list. What a list. Can’t wait.

PS: My sister spoke with a girlfriend who just happened to be in the line of cars headed in the opposite direction. They started out about 5:00 and made it to Silicon Valley by 3:00 AM. LOL…



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