Posted by: L | March 9, 2009

What’s up?

It’s Monday and I’m behind on my Nihon Vogue homework. I need to finish two sleeves for the round neck pullover (front and back done. Phew!), start knitting the pullover V-neck, bind off the V-neck vest,  and swatch my next sweater. I’ve (finally) come to the the conclusion the starting of the 4th sweater is not going to happen by this weekend. I’m hoping the train ride up on Friday will by me some time. One can ALWAYS dream.

I’m also swatching some cable ideas for a scarf class. I’ve not been happy with the last several swatches. The upside? I had a breakthrough this weekend and have been swatching those ideas. I don’t think I’ll get all of them done for a coffee meeting tomorrow. It’s ALL good. Sometimes the design ideas come together come together pretty quickly. Sometimes not so much. The class is in October.

I did take some time this weekend to hit Cosco, where I found this nice, new addition.


I’ve yet to put it together.



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