Posted by: L | April 13, 2009

No. It’s not Christmas…

But it sure feels like it. The UPS and FedEx delivery trucks were beating down the door almost every day last week with wonderful surprises. Remember that money I didn’t spend at Stitches West?


I owe you an update on the SF trip, which started on Friday, April 3rd with sunshine, a cool breeze and a lovely breakfast with an old, old family friend at Toast. After Eggs Benedict and lots of laughter I was off to Green Apple Books to see if they had any new ‘used’ fashion books on pattern draping or older fashion books. Not this go round. But it was fun to poke around.


Fashion Section

Next stop. My favorite Japanese paper shop on Union Street.  Kozo Arts. They have the most amazing sketching books, journals, etc. All hand bound with hand made paper. I picked up two new sketch books, a journal and a Christmas gift.


From there I dropped off the rental car and met up with my two BFF’s – Sheryl and Sue. We spent the WHOLE afternoon knitting at the shop and topped the day off with dinner at Lupa. It was so, so much fun. I managed to pick up some yarn at the shop. New Zealand Merino. It’s slated for Nihon Vogue project 6 or 7.


Saturday was another BEAUTIFUL day (perfect for lots of walking!). I was off bright an early for shopping in The City. After a brief stop for a mani/pedi and Noe Valley Farmers Market for some fresh fruit I caught the J train. Once in town I made a B-line for buttons at Britex.


Noe Valley Farmers Market


Butons. Buttons. Buttons!

Can I just say. I LOVE THIS STORE.

Next I was off in search of shoes. First stop? Macy’s of course. It was the Annual Flower Show. This year’s theme – Bohemian. OH MY is all I can so. The whole make-up section was a riot of a Garden. Sadly no shoes. OK. Lots of shoes, just not what I was looking for.


Back on the train to the Castro for a coffee with a friend at Duboce Cafe. Did I mention it was sunny and in the 70’s with a cool breeze? If you ever have a sunny Saturday to ‘waste’ hop any of The City trains towards the Castro and get off at Duboce. Walk up Duboce to Sanchez. The cafe is on the corner. A perfect Saturday reading, knitting place.


Next stop? A beeline down Sanchez (about a mile) to the heart of the Castro on 15th and Sanchez to ImagiKnit. Where I found this.


My final project yarn! It’s from Peru.

Then up and over the hill (another mile) back to Noe and dinner with Sue.


The top of Sanchez. Noe Valley the other side.

Sunday Sue and I had a great brunch and then spent an hour or so knitting and hanging until I needed to leave for the airport. Just what I needed after 4-days of working a conference and 3 world wind days in SF. I miss SF, but it’s good to be home.


Happy (belated) Easter!

Next post. Nihon Vogue update.


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