Posted by: L | April 27, 2009

Work, knitting and new ideas!

Busy, busy. It’s a poor excuse and the only one that I have. I thought I was actually going to have some down time post the early April conference push. Hah!

My time (since I last wrote) has been spent designing, knitting, writing and executing MarComm, editing & PR  for both technology and textiles clients. I’m not complaining and I’m grateful for the work!.

I’ve also buckled down and have been getting ready for the launch of my new business. June 12 for the first phase to be exact. Phase 2 is slated for December 2009. My designer and I have (almost) sorted the branding for the web site. The web design team will start pulling that together May 1. Yikes! I’m working on the text. Due May 1st ish…I’m behind…

I promise to let you know when the site goes live.

Nihon Vogue homework has been my next priority. I have until May 15th to get two sweaters done. I’ll just make it. I’m finishing up Sweater #3.  I almost have the sleeves done. A slight hick-up had me pulling them back due to over zealousness on the stripping this weekend. They need to match the stripping on the sweater.


Sleeve draft.


Before. 2 extra rows of the middle color. You wouldn’t think it makes a difference. It does.



Barring no major issues they should be done in the next evening or two.


From a sweater perspective I have the shoulder short rows and neck shaping to go on the front and back. I should be able to connect at the shoulder seams by the end of this week. Then it’s ready for the next class section of inserting the arms.

The sweater has definitely been a learning experience. The goal with this one was to create a very, very casual almost mannish style sweater with yarn that a friend in Edinburgh gave to me. It’s extra special as she’s passed away. I also wanted to play with a ribbed edging, and work the sweater in a rib stitch. Over all I’m pleased with the end result. I’ve made notes for a ‘next’ design using these design constraints and ideas for a man’s sweater and a ‘softer’ more shaped woman’s version.

I should be casting on Sweater #4 this weekend.


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