Posted by: L | May 13, 2009

Panic Attack

Do you get them? I rarely do. Until this morning at 2:00. Wide awake and second guessing this investment in myself. Yes, I know the answer is yes, but when one is taking what little money they do have and spending it vs. saving it in this environment it can be a bit a lot unnerving.

Times are tight no doubt about it. I do feel like I’m ahead of the game this time. I have work and know more people. 14-years ago I didn’t know a soul in Portland, the west coast and only two people in the business world. I had all of $150.00 to my name, a great dog and a car on its last leg. For real. Family stepped up to the plate as did people I didn’t even know. Three of them are still friends today. I came close again in the bubble. Had some savings that time around. But it boiled down to hard work, a little luck, friends and business connections. I’m grateful that I have the same this go round and a leg up with some skills that I hope will benefit another industry. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m stepping off that cliff anyway.

I have faith and hope + a lot of grit and work to the bone attitude. OK not as much energy on the later as I use to have. Gone are the 14-16 hour work days. Surgery. Recovery. Sigh. But I have the attitude!

I’m lucky, very lucky.

Nihon Vogue update? Let’s not go there. I’m behind. Sigh.


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