Posted by: L | May 26, 2009

Oh My

Has it really been 2-weeks since my last blog?

TNNA is just around the corner for a client. That’s been keeping me hoppin’. I also signed off on the new business look and feel and wrote the first draft of copy. It’s still on target to launch on June 12. A BIG shout out to those that weighed in on the final design. Many of you Visionary Retreat friends. You’re support and comments have been invaluable!

Other exciting news. I’ve been asked to design a sock for Mt Hood Fibers Community Sock Club. I can’t wait. I’m also knitting up some projects for a Cabling class that I’ll be teaching at a local retreat in the Fall. I did quite a bit of both when I lived in San Francisco and worked at Noe Knit. I’m enjoying getting back into the rhythm and taking the time to bring this dream to fruition. I had a couple of false starts this year. All of them great learning experiences. I’ve recently gone back and looked at my old business plan. I’ve split it into two phases and have been revising and changing accordingly.

Other news? We took a break from the world last Friday until this AM. We rolled out of town at 2:45 pm. Destination. Hood River. We had a wonderful time. We had a light meal on Friday at the Horse and Hound and then T promptly took a nap from about 6:00-7:30. He’s been putting in some pretty long hours at the office. Saturday T headed out for an epic ride (over 3-hours) and I took a 6-mile hike. We capped it off with dinner at Celilo. We have some amazing restaurants in Portland, but I have to say this meal surpassed any we’ve had in Portland in the last several years.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I took time to reflect and give thanks to those that I know serving and more importantly those that I have known and have given their life in service of our country.

Nihon Vogue homework is coming along. I’ve finished several sleeve BO-offs, a pair of set in sleeves and closing in on final seaming of two projects. Now to get them recorded and CO sweater 5.

Some photos from this weekend.


This color always makes me smile.


Old Highway railing.


View from the hike.


Homeward bound. Is it just me or can you just feel this tug boat leaning into the wind.


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