Posted by: L | June 8, 2009

It’s the simple things in life

TNNA is fast approaching, which means the new site is almost ready. It’s been a world wind of staying on top of the web agency to get it done so that I can take a final review Wed. for changes while I’m on a plane Thursday. It’s touch and go, but I think they’ll make it. My graphic designer has been amazing. I’m happy to report that all client work for the show is done. Phew! At least as much as can be done till I arrive.

I had to take some serious down time this weekend. T observed that I was so tired that I was in a ‘fog’. Not far off. I still find it hard to roll at 50+ hours a week without being totally wiped out at the weekend. For me, that’s big. I’ve always been a workaholic (65+ hours a week). It’s NOT a bad adjustment, just an adjustment. A hard adjustment.

Nihon Vogue homework is clipping along. I’m almost done with the V-neck pullover and closing in on the cardigan round next and v-neck.


Pull over cable pattern1

HPIM1431 2

Pattern shot 2.

I’m still not sure on a name. The pattern was inspired by a series of columns, but remind me of moving waves. Waves as a name just to vanilla for me.

Off to get some sleep.



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