Posted by: L | June 24, 2009

Dream Studio

While sipping coffee early, early this AM I let my mind wonder and dream about what an ideal studio space would be. I promptly opened a word doc and came up with:

Space Aesthetics: Open space, natural northern light, clean simple colors to show color, urban, functional. Japanese meets Italian Design.

Functionality: Drawers for storing drafting paper, paints, gauche and brushes, knitting needles (straight and circular) shelves for yarn, books and magazines, file drawers, drafting table, computer workstation, wall to hang work on maybe  include a chalk board. I love wall chalkboards.

Materials: Wood (light/darks), light colored walls with one a soft grey/green, fabric on furniture, pillows, cozy seating area, rugs.

OK, maybe a small house… but it’s a dream, so it can be what ever I want it to be.

What about you? Do you have a dream studio?

PS: An assistant….


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