Posted by: L | July 10, 2009

Radio Silence

Seems to be the theme of this blog this summer. In the last 7-days I’ve managed to get T off to France for his yearly cycling tour. Actually he packed, I cooked, knit and watched him pack and then dropped him off at the airport on July 5. He’s having a fabulous time!

In those 7-days I managed to get T’s new MAC ready for the road, redraft a sweater, knit and seam up a storm, check out the local PSU farmers market and work for clients and get ready for a conference July 27-29 in SF. Unfortunately, fatigue from working to much and pushing my PT a bit this week set in yesterday. I’m still coping with a bit today and hope tomorrow is better. I tell you, this recovery thing is humbling and long. Still a ways to go, but getting there.

The week in pictures.


T’s new 13″ MAC. Uploading and downloading… This took a day and a half. Slow connection and lots of downloads for updates.


Finished laptop and CO contraband knitting. The Girasole KAL.


Redrafted pattern #5. I started knitting based on new calculations, but had to redraft for the final presentation. Oddly enough I really enjoy this bit.


Close up.


Young boys vest. Waiting to be blocked.


Nihon Vogue sweaters in final or almost final stages of knitting/seaming.


Flowers from T on my desk.

Have a great weekend.


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