Posted by: L | August 3, 2009

Oh my. Is it that long?

Pandemonium, procrastination and plain tuckered out the last weeks. That said, I have manged to get a lot done. The last ‘BIG’ client conference of the summer is under my belt. THANK goodness. Next one. October.

I’m now getting ready for Portland’s very cool Sock Summit. I’m hoping for the organizers that it’s as big as they hope it to be. Donna from my Nihon Vogue class will be taking the train down Thursday for some serious knitting time and shopping. We’re hoping to meet up with some Nihon Vogue level 2 students. Joni, “Arlene, Candace and a bunch of others..” Can’t wait.

We’ll also be hopping over to Knit Purl for Thursday and Friday. Seriously the list goes on. And a very cool thing a proclamation from the Mayor. How cool is that!

Nihon Vogue is coming along. I’m still behind my schedule, but catching up. I have 6-weeks (or so) to go before our next class. Nothing to report yet on the deblitating fatigue. But I have two doctors and a naturepath working on it. We will find the answer…

More later. And lots of pictures from the Summit.



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