Posted by: L | September 16, 2009

My life in pictures

Sadly, it’s not (my life) in pictures these days. I wish it was. It’s so much easier than words!

It’s been a tough month personally. And when things get tough, I tend to hunker down and draw into the proverbial ‘cave’. The big decision has been to put my home on the market. It listed today. We’ll see what we see. I feel so fortunate to have consulting work (you have no idea how much), but it’s just not enough to make the mortgage, the medical bills (let’s not go there) and every day bills. I’ve gone as bare bones as I can. And I mean bare bones. My only treat to myself these days is my Comcast and Netflix’s subscriptions.

I’m also taking stock of things personally. T has been great. And I mean great. To be honest, I’m having to get use to having a partner that’s present for me. In every way. I’ve always had my sister and brother-in-law, but it’s different. I haven’t had this, well in over 10 years. I continue to be conflicted about PDX and it’s business environment. I’ve met some great, great people in the last couple of years. That said, it’s not like any other place I’ve ever worked before. As one colleague pointed out. PDX is more inward looking than outward looking. An interesting assessment. And maybe, true. I’ve always been an outward looking person. I’m adjusting. I think. Time will tell.

Knitting wise, I’m plugging right along. I’m not sure I’ll have all my Nihon Vogue projects done by December 12, but I’ll be darn close. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with this course and can only hope I’ll be able to continue with the next Level next September. Thankfully it is a business expense and the knowledge learned, is well, out of this world. The group of people I’m taking it with are inspiring, intimidating (you should see some of the knitting) and darn right fun. We’ve seen some trials and tribulations together, but we’ve held on. Even when we haven’t known what we’re doing.

How are you doing?


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