Posted by: L | September 24, 2009

Holy moly

I just finished two of the most arduous application processes I’ve gone through in several years. I’ve read and reread I don’t know how many times and had at least four reviewers review. I’m sure we STILL missed something. It was time to let GO. Both are such a long-shots.  But why not. If I don’t try, I’ll never know. Goodness knows I’ve heard the word no more than once in my life. Only to have it propel me onward to even better opportunities and things. Here’s hoping. (Yes, Hope is not a strategy…)

In other news I’ve been reading a great book. The Outliers. By my own account I have ohhh 8,838 hours to go on this knitting dream to become a Master at it. At my current pace that at least 9 more years. If you haven’t read it. Do. It’s insightful, interesting and makes one think of success and people in a way that’s well. New.

Speaking of… I’m moving right along with that Nihon Vogue knitting thing. I’ve reworked two designs, added to the design notes book, and finished one of the two crotchet sides for the Vest. I did mention that I completely ripped those out right? Not enough stitches. Sigh. I’m truckin’ along on swatching for the final. I’m going to get darn close to finishing by December 12, but not quite. A recent article by another student (Jack) in Knit n’ Style really made me take a step back and try to not put so much pressure myself. Type A personality. What can I say. I keep reminding myself. I’m. in. this. for. the. learning. Boy am I. This means a lot of reworking and thinking when a design doesn’t work. OK. A lot of time. And it’s limited. It’s that working thing. (And thankful to have!).

My biggest surprise was a drafting table this last weekend from T. He found one for 25.00. It’s way cool and has made my drafting life a joy!

I’m off to OFFF this weekend to spend with with friends and pet yarn and animals.



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