Posted by: L | October 7, 2009

Deadlines. Real & Imagined.

I’m multitasking today and giving myself 10 minutes to get this post written. Photos from OFFF, Nihon Vogue and my fall flowers are included. I’m on several self imposed deadlines for my consulting work, Nihon Vogue and Urban Fiber while participating in an SEO series.

Nihon Vogue, I’m only one sweater away from being finished by Dec 12/13. OK. I’m working on the rest for completion by that date. Should do, but I’m being realistic. I’ve not recast on Sweater 5 (round cardigan) and I doubt I will until after December 12/13.

Two fall conferences are sneaking up quick for two clients. I’m in appointment setting and materials development mode through the 22nd.. Then I’m off to (can you believe it) SOAR. I’m taking some continued education classes, hanging with some clients and enjoying Western Oregon in the Fall. I just can’t wait.


This is Aran. He and I got to know each other well at OFFF. I bought his fleece actually.

NW Weaving

Very cool weaving. This is a style of weaving that only two or three people do now. I can’t remember the type of weaving for the life of me. Check out Judy’s Twitter.

Outside crowd

Lunch crowd.


Flowers holding on to the last minute this fall.


For the life of me I can’t get this to flip (even though it’s correct on my computer.) Aren’t they pretty?


V-Neck Cardigan Front. This is a long one. But enjoying very much.


My contraband knitting. I love the pattern. Not boring. I’m making the Girasole for my Dad’s X-mas present. It’s for his bed at the Alzheimer’s home.  While he can’t remember me (or anyone anymore) I love the thought that thoughts and love will blanket him each night. That he’s not forgotten.


Here’s my final for Nihon Vogue. I’ve loved this pattern from Knits. However, it’s a little short and bit to tight for me. This one has been a swatching project from well… you get it. The finished ones, I love, but the fiber (Merino, silk and bamboo) is a bit to stretching and thin for this project. I do have an idea it for a non Nihon Vogue sweater though. That’s an upside. I’m swatching the two balls as we speak. I think I’ve got it. Phew… The gauge is a wee bit off. Not much. That’s what I love about this class. I can rewrite and change any pattern to fit me (or others). This is my first attempt at altering an existing pattern. Next step, graph out the pattern.


T’s contribution to the learning. 25.00 on Craigslist. So cool. Light was free. Chair on sale. It’s been so cool to have.


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