Posted by: L | October 20, 2009

Third time’s the charm eh?

I could live without that saying.  I have three Nihon Vogue projects, each on the third rip or knit. Frustrated at myself for not having more patience. (Which before this course, I thought I had so much of!). I have to remind myself, repeatedly, that I’m learning new, more exacting ways of designing and knitting. When that conversation with myself doesn’t work, I then remind myself (again) that learning means knitting, ripping, knitting, recalculating, knitting, redrafting, ripping and knitting some more. I’ve not tackled the issue of talking back to myself in conversation format. LOL. Not that writing and having a two way conversation with oneself is any better.

Projects on the block?

Sweater 4

I’m taking the sleeves out. I have to undo the arm seems, rip both shoulder caps and reknit. The decrease method I used on the WS (purl side) of the sleeve cap wasn’t the NH method. I calculate about 8-10 hours. Maybe more. Oi!

Sweater 6

V-Neck Cardi. This one’s clipping right along. I had some questions on the V-Neck decreases for Jean. A bit of ripping, but not much. Phew. Should be done by December. Hours to go. No clue. Couple of days at least.


Crochet vest? All I can so is THANK GOD this is a child’s vest. I’ve never done crochet before and it’s showing. I actually like and THINK I have it. Well at least the double stitch. We’ll see how the decreases go. That little piece? It’s the new back. The bigger piece? Gone. How many times ripped? Lord, I lost count at 5!


I managed to have a meeting in one of my favorite places today. 24th & Noe. Always bittersweet to come back to the hood and SF for meetings and friends. Sometimes I think if it weren’t for T, I’d be back. Actually that’s a good bet. Ok. Maybe just a bit homesick. I consider SF home. Odd given how many places I’ve actually lived in my life (+12). All said, I DO have a great life in PDX.


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