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Grrr… I’ve done something to the CSS and I can’t figure it out. I can see it. Grrr….Sigh. It’s affecting the photo displays. So for now I’m going to post what I have and try to fix it later.

I’m back in the office and trying to get in to the swing of things. It’s hard. I never know what’s harder, being out and knowing you have a full in box or the week back or just letting it go and dealing with it when you get back in the office. Sigh.

I was out last week attending the Spin Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR) formy other business Urban Fiber Studio. It was a pretty amazing week of learning and meeting new people. I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll get to another SOAR anytime soon, so I thought I should take advantage of the location (Sunriver) and timing (saved for over a year!) of this one. My goal this last year (as many of you know) has been to learn all things regarding knitwear and design. Nihon Vogue has been helping with that. I’ve also become intrigued with the process of making yarn. Thus spinning has entered the fold of my things to do and learn. I wasn’t disappointed.  I also think I’m a glutton for punishment.

I took the Spinning 101 class with Maggie Casey of Spindles, Shuttles and Skeins. It was perfect. Three days of course work has me enthusiastic and wanting to know (and spin) more. I learned how to card, use a drum carder (neither of which I’m apt to do in the near future), spin worsted and woolen and know which to use with what fleece when and how. I was (am) entranced with the whole thing. I also found that I have a sweet spot for wool fleeces. Don’t get me wrong I’m impressed with Cotton, Silk, Alpaca (the list goes on!) but they just don’t speak to me. At least not yet. We worked with a Rambouillet Cross-and a Polwarth fleece. The latter being a real treat for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

Maggie-Spinning 101
Maggie Casey

My wheel
My Wheel and Fiber

1st skein yarn
First Skein of Yarn (EVER!)


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