Posted by: L | December 4, 2009

Life’s been good

It’s been busy (crazy busy this week) but good. We’ve officially moved from the Thanksgiving lull to the Christmas dinners, lunches, etc. Prior to that, I managed to be home half of the time since October 16. Maybe that’s why I want it to be November. I’ve been in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Bend-Sunriver, Boston – The Berkshires and back home for Thanksgiving in Portland. So in chronological order (lame I know, but I’m tired) here we go (w/ photos)…Photo/code issue solved.

Seattle was Nihon Vogue.  Always inspiring, fun and exhausting at the same time. Next weekend is out last class for Level 1. I have five of the eight designs done, with one on the needles. Three need the final go, but given the last year I’m pretty pleased with this out take. My goal is to have them all done by February. Ok, maybe two and the final on the needles. What I do know is that they’ll all be done before the next level starts in September. Yep, I love this so much, that I’m committed to working to complete all four levels in the next several years. Thankfully with T’s wholehearted support. I’m crazy I know. But I really love it. (And it has helped my other business immensely!)

Top Down (Seater 1) with center cable. Japanese Style pattern drafting.

Vest. (Sweater 2). Not my best work, but it was a good exercise.

Round Neck Pull Over w/ set in sleeves (Sweater 3). This one’s being slightly adjusted and then being written up (by me) for a pattern line for Fall 2010. My first one.

San Jose-San Francisco was work and friends. Need I say more? I’ve said it before (and boring as it may be, I’ll probably say it again, and again….). In all my travels and places I’ve lived San Francisco & Edinburgh are where my soul and heart click. Kind of like an old brass key that fits into that lock, clicks when you turn the key and open the door. Or in the words of  Bubba Gump, “Just like peas and carrots”.  All that said, T’s in Portland & we have wonderful life here. The things we do for love. So there you go.

Bend-Sunriver. I took some time and actually attended a little conference known as SOAR. It was all about me. Liberating. I took work, did some, but not much. Shocking I know.  I’m trying to learn that work/life balance thing. I think I’ll have it down in say, 20 years or so. Just in time for retirement. That’s if … ok, not going there.

So peaceful.

Boston-The Berkshires. This is my yearly “Family Reunion” that I’ve gone to the last several years. I’m a firm believer that you have blood family and then family that you choose. Sometimes blood family makes it into the chosen family. Both great groups, each with different dynamics. One you never really had a say in and one you do. I digress. This trip is with my chosen family. A sub-group of a larger group (110 this year) to just hang with each other, each year. We come from down the street (literally) Canada, Georgia, Maine, Virginia, MA, NY and all points in between.  It’s a weekend that includes food, bad coffee (unless you go into town), alcohol, knitting, alcohol, laughing, and staying up to late gabbing. You get the picture. I met one of my BFF’s from GA for an extra day in Boston (great time, great weather, and great company). Then it was off to the hinterland of MA – Williamstown.

Boston Commons

Second oldest graveyard in Boston.

Santa came early this year.

Thanksgiving was a blessing in more ways than I can express. Mostly because we didn’t go anywhere or have a great big dinner to go to or hop from house to house. (We’ll be pulling out the stops for Christmas though). We laid low. Had an amazing dinner of Fillet Mignon, mashed potatoes and gravy, and French string beans. Heaven.

I’m now thinking about all the things I didn’t get done this week and starting to stress about next week and weekend. On that note – I’m going to get a glass of wine and try to remember that life/balance exercise thingy majig I keep trying.



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