Posted by: L | January 11, 2010

Where to start …

Happy New Year seems a bit late. But, well Happy New Year to you! It’s only January 11 and I feel like a ball that’s been shot out of a cannon. Not only did I have TNNA January 7 – 10, with two classes to teach on the 7th, I also started classes at PSU January 4 and have several client projects to complete by the 26th. Thank goodness both PSU classes are online! I can’t decide if I’m a glutton for punishment (likely) or just crazy. Most likely both.

TNNA was productive and fun. Lots of work and lots of meetings for my company Urban Fiber Studio. The panel I managed for AKD Friday night was a success. We’re hoping to do a second in June. I also managed to catch up with an old Noe Knit colleague who is an Editor at STC Crafts. If only we’d had an afternoon and some knitting. Sigh.

View of The Breakers in Long Beach. It’s now a retirement home.

New products the day before opening.

ShiBui’s booth set up Friday.

2009 all-in-all was a decent year. It ended with a bang. My Christmas present for 2009 (Easter, Labor Day, B-Day, you name it for 2010) was acceptance into a loan modification program. It arrived on my doorstep Monday, December 21. Literally. I’m thrilled. I filled out on the paperwork and mailed it back so fast it made my head spin. January 1 was its kick off. I’m hoping I get final approval in the next 3-4 months. It looks promising. If I do, I’ll be able to keep my home. It took the bank about 6-months (and running through my savings) to determine if I qualified. Fingers crossed.

I’m frantically working on finishing up Nihon Vogue. Hoping to get three projects tidied up and in my design notebook by Feb. 11 for Madrona where Jean can review and (might I hope) sign off on them. I’ve given myself until the end of March to get everything finished.

I’m still mulling around my thoughts and goals for 2010. I try to make a growth, personal and travel one each year. My personal goal is to start to track the food that I eat. Every day. I’m getting a bit annoyed at myself for not losing (or at least toning up) the last several pounds I put on from my surgery. I don’t have much, but the ones left are hardest. I’m pretty realistic in that I don’t think I look good below 120 pounds at almost 5’5″. So I’m being safe. I figure it will take 6-months for the final ‘bit’ to come off. I should be on a 1,200 calorie intake each day. I’m currently at about 1,600 1,750. I’ve downloaded an app to my iphone that lets me track my meals each day. It’s kind of cool. It’s the crackers I’ve been eating for fiber. Who new crackers could have so many calories. Sigh. I’m also working out 4-6 days a week. That will help. I’m giving myself one cheat day a week where I can take in 1,600, but it has to be on an exercise day.

I’ve also decided to continue to move beyond traditional Marcom and PR via a Multimedia Certificate and Art History courses (yes and Nihon Vogue in Sept.). I’ve worked (OK dabbled) in Social Media and started several successful direct communication program. Enough to want to know more for my clients (maybe new ones) and my two businesses. I figure it can’t hurt. Why Art History? I figure why not? I was never able to take any when I was IN college…


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