Posted by: L | January 25, 2010

Shot from a cannon …

This month feels like I’ve been shot from a cannon.  I’m still flying through the sky without having hit my target. I will make them by the end of the month though.

It’s partly because I’ve been busy working to get a last minute tech editing job off my plate. I was able to start (a bit) the week of Christmas, then took a break for family and final prep for two classes I taught at TNNA. I’ve been back on the reading, editing and envisioning in 3D non-stop since January 12. Four patterns and two graphs done. Grading on the sweater completed and in review on the other end. One more round in-house on count and that should be done. Just the flat pattern to do. It’s been fun and a learning experience. I do love tech editing patterns. Geeky I know, but fun.

Travel for a client this week. We’re prepped for the meeting. OK. Almost prepped for the meeting. One last meeting in-house Wed. morning and we’ll be good to go. Then off on the O’ dark 30 flight Thursday.

What else? Several late night homework sessions. I realized yesterday that I’m ahead in one class and behind in another. Sigh. The one I’m behind in is my coding class. Arrrrgggg….I’m hoping to be caught up by the weekend.

I did have a little fun this weekend. I picked up the yarn for two projects from ShiBui Knits that will be in Judy Becker’s (Persistent Illusion) self-published book. More about designing and 2010 in another post. I can’t wait to get my hands on the yarn. The projects, with notes, etc. are due end of March. Shouldn’t be a problem.

It will be nice to have yarn in my hands again. Next to my yoga practice, it’s one of the most relaxing things I’ve been doing of late.

Nihon Vogue. Oh let’s just not go there. I’ve missed all the deadlines I gave myself. I will have two of the three done though. If I’m lucky. VERY lucky I’ll have the third one done too. It’s the child’s crotchet vest. Luck. I need lots of luck.

I’ve managed to stay on my 1,200 calorie a day (or so) intake for two weeks now. With my physical therapy work outs I’m down .8 pounds. I anticipate it will take me about 4-6 months to lose the 8-9 pounds I would like. I’m sticking to foods from the grocery store, what I can cook vs. a special program that I have to buy into.

Back to work.



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