Posted by: L | February 19, 2010

Bad blogger

I don’t even know where to start. Juuuusssstttt when I think I’ve caught the tail by the end I realize I’m STILL behind on everything! I’m not liking this at all. 2009 seemed to be a year that everyone took a deep breath and then held it. This year, they’ve let the air out and it’s been with a BIG WHOOSH. I’m not complaining. (OK, maybe a little). It’s leading to some interesting places. I just wish I could catch up.

Knitting? What’s that? Sticks? String? Making? Deadlines? Oy!

Spinning? I managed to spend two days with Judith at Madrona. Can I just say. Treat! After spending one of those days on Candace’s (Nihon Level 3-4) Matchless I’m finally biting the bullet and am trading in my Kromski Sonata for a Matchless. I’ve been saving for a couple of months and my girlfriend Farrah is buying the Kromski.  In between catching up from one project to the next I’ve been practicing buying it on Carolina Homespun. I’ll hit the ‘Purchase’ button next week. It’s adding to the ‘in the weeds’ feeling even more, but it’s fun!

Matchless + Down breeds

Madrona was a fabulous time. But when is it not? I hung out with my sister, Nihon Vogue gals, had dinner with my sister and Judy B one night, made new friends, and finished off the weekend with T on Sunday.

I have so much more to say, but haven’t sorted out how to say it. Words. Just to many of them bouncing around. Funny that. More later. I promise. I’m now going to play hooky and enjoy the Portland Sunshine! In the weeds an all.

PS: I’m happy to report that I’m still ‘grazing’ at 1,200 calories a day and down 3.1 lbs over 7 weeks. I’m monitoring each week (with T’s input) on where to stop.



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