Posted by: L | March 22, 2010

Picking up the pieces.

Wooo doggy, it’s been, well, forever since I wrote a decent post. I’ve not had the stamina (or the heart) really. But oh do I have lists of things to make! Boy howdy do I.  At the top of the list? A Quilt. Yes, a quilt. OK, it’s just below the three sweaters I’m recording (as we speak) in my design notebook for April and Jean. Then it’s two more sweaters to go. Yes, I’m behind, but on track for July. Then at least eight weeks before the new session begins.

This quilt makes me a bit nervous and giddy. Kind of like when you look over the cliff to the next cliff and the only way to get there is over a rope bridge. Yep, that kind of giddy. Why? It could be because I’ve never done one before. I figure since I’ve sewn a good chunk of my life it can’t be to hard. It’s only lots of little strips, in 19 colors and straight lines. BTW, I do realize now that I’ve said those words, they will come back to haunt me! But seriously – How. Hard. Can. It. Be? I’ll keep you posted. Promise.

Here’s the quilt I settled on. Isn’t it pretty?

Mom and I spent a great afternoon in her local quilt shop picking these fabrics. 19 plus the back for a total of 20 colors. We had a great time. What’s not to love about fabric?  I just wish I’d taken one with her on the floor with those 19 bolts of fabric surrounding her. Priceless.

The big catch. I’ll have to make mine bigger. I want it to cover the bed. The woman in the shop was great with suggestions on sorting how to do this. The pattern drafter and grader geek in me can’t wait to have a Saturday afternoon with my scanner, the fabric and expanding the template. Mom took some great notes, which I expanded on on the trip home. It needs to be 12 x 11 strips. The original is 8×7.


Fabric color chart

Bolts and bolts

All lined up

I leave you with this parting photo. Mom and I had a good laugh at this one. We went to pick up Dad’s ashes on Thursday only to find the funeral home has an oil derrick out its back door, in the parking lot! ONLY in Texas.  I wonder how they claim it on there taxes?


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