Posted by: L | March 30, 2010

Finding Answers.

Heads up. Not a knitting or craft post.

Is it just me or are we all ready for consistent sunshine and a healthy dose of Vitamin D? These Grey days, after the tease of spring, are rough going. They seem to kick my fatigue up a notch. I manage to plow through it, but it’s tough. T’s been great. Let’s me sleep and helps around the house, etc. when it kicks in.

The good news? I have some answers!! Wahooo… I’ve been working with a western medicine doctor, endocrinologist and naturopathic doctor to sort out the fatigue that has come and gone since the surgery. The downside? Our health care system – well it’s a challenge. I can only say how grateful I am that Oregon has state insurance that I could buy so I can have insurance.

In short, after exhaustive questions, testing and back to the drawing board situations I can finally put a solution in place to beat this fatigue. Don’t get me wrong, I can put in a full work week, but some weeks I’m so tired by Saturday that it’s an indicator that my system’s a bit out of whack. Some weeks no symptoms.

Diagnosis? Vitamin D and zinc deficiencies and shot Adrenal glands. Totally compromised. Not surprising given my work ethic and the long surgical recovery. Getting to the bottom of this has been controversial and in itself exhausting. Be proactive is all I can say.

The solution? It depends on who you talk to. My ‘western’ doctor wouldn’t do the extra saliva tests because my blood tests came back ‘normal’ for thyroid. Rest and get back to life attitude. Which would probably be OK if I could take a year (or two) off. Um No.

My Naturopath did the saliva test to really test the Adrenal glands. Bingo.  However, no Vitamin tests. She believes in working to balance out the imbalance of the hormones with tea and other supplements. Kind of works, but not. Again, No.

Next step? Endocrinologist who I found after asking so many girlfriends it’s embarrassing. She did more tests and confirmed the Adrenal Fatigue, found the Vitamin deficiencies AND has been working with me to understand options to bring my hormones back into place. I’ve decided to go with a bio-identical program that, over time will bring it all back in balance. OK, that and an upped dosages of Vitamin D and Zinc for three months.

It’s been a controversial decision. Some of my girlfriends are all for it and have been using bio-identicals for severe perimenopause (which I am. Sigh.) and menopause and other girlfriends are dead set against them and believe in synthetics that derive from animals. I’ve chosen the alternative path for a very simple reason. Animal rights. I’m no activist(maybe a wee bit), but there you have it.

I start this new program in three weeks. We’ll go for a year and see how my system is at 3, 6 and 9 months. Finally. Answers!

I love em when I can get them.

Knitting. Slowly but surely. I’ve been doing a lot of needlework. It’s been nice to take a break. Even for a couple of weeks.


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