Posted by: L | April 12, 2010

Five Down, Three to Go

I’m moving to completion of Level One, Nihon Vogue. I spent a great weekend up in Seattle with friends and speaking to prospective Level One students for next year. It looks to be a full house! All I can say is. It’s been worth every minute (and penny) and I’m looking forward to Level Two.

A key milestone was the completion (with Jean’s sign off!) of two more of the sweaters. The Round Neck and V Neck’s w/ set in sleeves. Can I just say, Thank G*d…

Presenting: Sea.

Yarn: Jamieson’s Soft Shetland.

Silhouette: Boxy, Weekend Casual

Colors: Highland Mist, Duck Egg, North Sea, Midnight.

Gauge: 20s @ 10cm, 25r @ 10cm in 4 x 1 rib.

Ribbing: Twisted stitch over 2s, 2x, p1.

Not very original, but there you go. The goal of this sweater was to sort out stripes on the body matching the stripes on the arms when you have your arms down. It will be a great knock around sweater for the weekend. The yarn is from a friend who passed suddenly about five years ago of a brain clot (her 50th in NYC). She owned the local shop in Edinburgh by the flat. I’ll think of her each time I wear it.

Presenting: Devil May Care.

Yarn: Rowan RTC 50 merino/50 silk.

Silhouette: Semi-fitted, Work.

Color: Discontinued.

Gauge: Sts: 22s @ 10cm, 30r @ 10cm. Cable: 24s @ 10cm, 32r @10cm.

Ribbing: 1 x 1.

This was the sweater from H@*&. Those sleeves where ripped back at the cap twice. After I had already set them in and taken them out. I won’t tell you how many times it took to set them back in with the crotchet method the next go round. DAY’s vs. hours. That V-neck? It’s done.

I’m almost done with the baby crotchet vest and one of the two cardigans. They’ll be ready for Jean’s eagle eye by May. I have to do some re-swatching for one of the Cardi’s. I really want to use a lace/cable pattern, but it’s just not working at the gauge I have it swatched at. I’m going to give it another go on smaller needles. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Actually I do. It will be back to the drawing board. Sigh.

Onward, onward. I’ve been able to knit more and for longer periods of time the last month or two. That should help. 4.5 months to go to Level Two. I’m not the fastest knitter and seaming? I’m still waiting for those Elves to show up every time I finish one. That said, I should be good to go.

Other good news. I’m down to 130 lbs from 136. It’s been a 10-week journey to get to this point. I have another 5ish to go and I’ll be where I’d like to be. I’ve not gone on any special diet, but I am watching what I eat (sometimes that’s brownies!) and eating in much smaller portions at 1,200 calories a day. It’s more than enough food for me actually. If I blow it. I don’t kick myself. I’m at the gym or walking or doing yoga about 4-6 times a week. I can FINALLY do very light band work twice a week. This getting back into shape is still a long haul since my surgery. I’m making progress and it feels good.


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