Posted by: L | April 21, 2010

Mercury in Retrograde

A friend mentioned that Mercury’s in retrograde today. That squared up with my day, which was a BGP one. Then another friend sent me a pretty harried end of day recap email that ended with LOL. And since I have SOOO much extra time I started musing (thinking) and then laughing and wondered if she (or anyone over 40 really) knows what LOL means? Personally, I learned what it meant on an NPR interview that had me laughing so hard I almost had to pull the car over. The interviewee had been using it as a endearment ending during IMing from room to room with his son – evidently it was the only real conversation he (the son) would have with his Dad whereby he’d share his day with his Dad (can you say teenager). Dad learned from said son that it meant Laugh out Loud. He (Dad) thought it meant Lots of Love. They now have an ‘understanding’ (that only boys and men can have) that Dad says LOL and means Lots of Love and said son knows this and thinks it means Laugh out Loud, when it really means Lots of Love. Dad’s philosophy? What ever it takes for your kids to know ya love ’em. Use it. Which made me laugh out loud. Seriously.

In other earth shattering news (not). I took a break from working on three trade shows that happen in the next seven weeks and spent a great Saturday with a group of women in an Alabama Chanin workshop at the ACE Hotel (love that bar!). An editor friend of mine at STC Crafts turned me on to her first book about six months ago. Which I promptly fell in love with and read cover to cover. Second book? Same. Except in my case, second time was the charm. When I heard a lecture and workshop were to be had in Portland I just couldn’t pass them up. I’ve sewn and done hand needlework for as far back as I can remember. Those were the crafts my grandmother and mother taught me. Along with basic, classic garment construction. This knitting thing? I picked it up on my own. I chose the Corset in tonal browns. I’m hooked enough that I’m working on my budget to see if I can treat myself – for my Birthday – for the November retreat in Florence. This is the jacket (duster coat) that I’d love to do. Can you say covet? It could be a road trip. My traveling feet are getting a bit antsy.

On the upswing, T and I started ending our day with listing three things to be grateful for in that day. It’s a great way to end the day on a positive note. Not that they have to be earth shattering or anything. Sooo… at about 3:00 pm today I was struggling, really struggling. It’s sad, I know. Some days are not as easy as others. You try it. Then tell me other wise. Ok, enough whining. I mentioned it’s been a BGP day right? At about 3:15 I had em. They are,

  • That my spinal surgeon didn’t mess up any more than he did and that I can lift a two pound weight. So Sad. So True. Don’t laugh. Six months ago I could barely do bands. A year ago. Walk. Bands? Resistance? Nada. Two years ago. In a collar barely able to walk around the block.
  • That for all my fussing T has been there every step of the way. Other than my sister and brother-in-law, I’ve never had that type of devotion and ‘stick to’ in my life. Pretty wonderful guy huh?
  • Three? That’s a stretch today. You?

If anyone’s wondering what a BGP day is, it’s a saying we have were I come from (not the west coast) of put on your big girl panties. We use it when someone (or yourself) is whining, bitching, in general not wanting to talk to people etc. kind of a day.

Like my girlfriend mentioned. Mercury’s in Retrograde. Works for me.


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