Posted by: L | May 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It’s a very lazy Sunday here in PDX. I’m just home from a productive week on the road and a couple of days in SF. I’m also very tired. I’m happy to report the new regimen of bioidentical hormones is helping immensely. The tired is from eight weeks of launch prep for ESC in San Jose this last week. If wasn’t on the new regimen I’d be even more tired. Next week starts my swing for the last two conferences of the summer.

My wanderings of San Francisco Friday and Saturday.

After dropping the car off at SFO and perfect timing on the BART and the 48 I landed at my BFF S’s apartment. We headed to S2’s house for a glass of wine and O & J time. So much fun. J’s walking – with furniture support! Once C arrived home we spent a great evening celebrating S2’s B-Day at a new Tapa’s place in Noe on Castro and 24th. Company great. Dinner not great and overpriced. Conversely if it had been great, we probably wouldn’t have felt it was overpriced.

Friday my mid-day client meeting canceled so S and I headed over the Sausalito to see a new yarn shop. Bluebird Yarn and Craft. A very cool place. I walked out with the yarn for my Dolmen project for Nihon Vogue 2.

Bluebird Yarn

Simply Shetland, Lambswool Cashmere. It has flecks of lime green, blue/purple and dark brown. The overall color is a bit more brown than the photo, but not much.

I picked up a skein of Berroco’s NaturLin in Brown for some swatching. I’m thinking this might work well for the skirt/poncho project for Nihon Vogue 2. I’m thinking skirt.

We capped our visit with a light lunch outside @ CIBO. We enjoyed the sun and clanging of the boat’s in the harbor across the street. It was lovely. Once sated, we headed back to Noe via the scenic route for a bit of knitting at Bernie’s on 24th until my 4:00 meeting.

Cypress trees and Pacific Ocean.

I’m always intrigued by the color and plants that City dweller’s place outside in the Spring and Summer. I never had a door, but a large patio out the back of my room I kept filled with roses, daisies, bamboo, bougainvillea and nasturtiums.

Wonderful flower ‘tree’ outside Firefly.

My favorite window in SF (OK – second, Macy’s is my first). Easter they had a Easter Bunny.

I believe a Darwin Rose. It’s a bit to pink in the picture. It’s actually a perfect shade of Violet purple. I had a huge one of these I bought in Sanoma, CA on my back patio. Unfortunately it was to big to ‘hide’ in my car when I moved to Oregon.

Just to pretty to pass up.

Have a great week!


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